Slim models are drains distinguished by high quality, robustness and top-level aesthetics. They also feature a very low total height of 66mm and good water flow capacity of 24L/min. This type of linear drain is characterised by minimalism and beauty in the simplest form, while narrow grate allows to introduce real elegance to the shower area.
The product stands out with high-quality workmanship, and the material it is made of is stainless steel 304, resistant to any detergent. As a confirmation the product is covered by 10 years warranty by the manufacturer. Slim drains are available in inox, black, rose gold and gold colours. The set includes a hook for removal of grate and cleaning of siphon from the collected contaminations. Low housing will facilitate assembly in the floor, and wide range of lengths from 50 to 100 cm will make the choice easier.
Polish product.

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