Basso – wall drain 80 cm



Basso linear drains are among of the elements that have an impact on practical and aesthetic aspect of a bathroom. Available floor and wall models in a wide range of finishes (as many as five, so inox, black, gold, rose gold and black glass) and sizes from 50 to 100 cm. A major advantage of Basso series is a reversible grate for use as a full grate, so smooth in the colour of the drain, or as a tile-in grate. With the applied solutions drains can be cleaned quickly and pleasantly, while their high permeability will ensure comfort in any bathroom.
Both floor and wall model is a drain fitted with low siphon (62mm) and quick water overflow (56L/min), which allows for easy assembly in any floor – also in a flat. The drain gives a possibility of cleaning from the top, and removable strainer in the siphon allows for its quick removal and cleaning from contaminations using a hook which is included in the set.
High quality of stainless steel (304) which the drains are made of and Polish production will ensure safe and comfortable use for long years.
The product is covered by 10 years warranty by the manufacturer.

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