Fino – shower set with fixed bracket



Fino series comprises five models with ergonomic shape that can be selected to any bathroom.
Hand shower is provided with three streams: mixed, massage and rain.
Its additional advantage is a handle which is specially profiled to match a wet hand. It is possible to buy the hand shower separately, or in sets, among others with single-point shower set, or riser rail shower set. The other option is shower column and shower column with thermostatic mixer. Riser rail shower sets have adjustable fitting span which allows to ideally suit the product to a user, making bathing more comfortable. Fino series has extra advantages as anti-calc system and anti-twist system. And thermostatic mixer in the shower column will allow to maintain constant water temperature when bathing. Temperature, which is adjusted to individual needs, avoiding burns or wasted time for appropriate setting, which is of so great importance in case of small children or elderly people, ensuring maximum safety and comfort in everyday use.

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