Rubio – shower column with mixer 210 mm x



Rubio shower column complements the series. Multi-functional shower set is a model for demanding customers who expect the highest comfort when bathing. The column will be a perfect choice for bathtubs fitted with a curtain. The model comprises a few elements thanks to which it will work fine regardless of the needs. Universal hand shower with modern movable overhead rain shower will enable a quick shower, while bath spout with cascade water stream will fill the tub. The stream is selected by means of a three-stage ring mounted just by the lever. The column is available in two colour variants: black in combination with gold and white with gold. An extra advantage of the column is the cold start function which allows for outflow of cold water, not mixed with hot. Hand shower together with rain shower are provided with a system allowing for quick limescale removal. A particular attention should be drawn to a shower hose with anti-twist system preventing its tangling, and adjustable rail permitting adjustment of height according to users’ needs.

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