Pola – bidet mixer for concealed installation with bidetta shower set



Pola series by Laveo. Slender, slightly rounded line and minute form is one of the advantages of tapware which appeals to choose it to a just renovated interior. Recommended in particular for small bathrooms where any centimetre counts, and visual effect draws attention.
As a matter of fact Pola collection is the most expanded series in terms of colours. It is available in four finishes, classic chrome, extraordinarily fashionable black, rose gold and gold. Classic chrome finish ensures elegance, black colour is a finish for the bold, which will be suitable as a complement of an arrangement in loft or Scandinavian style, while gold mixers will be a perfect solution for those who care for the tiniest detail of the equipment in glamour style. Such tapware can be called jewellery for a new bathroom. The offer includes an extensive selection of bathroom tapware, including shower mixer for concealed installation, bath mixer for concealed installation and freestanding bath mixer. Uncommon design, reliable functionality and attention to details made it become one of the most popular product series. Tapware made of brass and fitted with ceramic cartridges guarantees resistance and reliability. The series is complemented by upright sink mixers with U-shaped spout. Among them is a model with movable spout, whereas the spout and the lever are finished in chrome, while the mixer body is available in five finishes. The other model is kitchen mixer with elastic spout which comes in as many as seven colour variations. Wide range of colours allows the mixer to be easily suited to the current climate.
Slightly rounded shapes of the body and spout will facilitate cleaning of the product, and water drops will flow freely from it and will not collect on its surface, preventing formation of scale stains. Therefore it is also a solution for those who appreciate a possibility to keep the bathroom in an impeccable cleanliness.

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